Racial Justice Actions & Resources

MENTOR Colorado continues to look at ways to improve with diversity, equity and inclusion, and is taking the following actions:

Creation of Anti-Racist Working Group
     Objective: Examine white people’s role in the mentoring community, which often serves Black and Brown youth; Members of the group co-facilitate sessions with the ultimate goal of leaving this group to create their own

Engaging with DEI Consultants
     Objective: Create a more inclusive organization at every level, including our approach to programming, operations and policies

Recruiting Black Mentors Through New Partnerships
     Objective: Create relationships to raise awareness of youth mentoring to assist in mentor recruitment

Engagement/Elevation of Black-led Organizations
     Objective: Increase funding, community support and resources for Black-led organizations

Provide Training and Programming Focused on Racial Equity
     Objective: Increase education in mentoring community around racial injustice


This is not intended to be an exhaustive list, but a starting place. Please reach out if you have a great resource to share, and we encourage you to continue your education beyond what’s listed here. Some additional resources can be found here.

Calls To Action

Questions or want to add to the list? Contact us.

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