Join our #Minute2Mentor Challenge!
What’s something you know that everyone should know?

Share your 60-90 second video on social media using #Minute2Mentor and #MENTORColorado
Challenge your friends to 
donate to our #Minute2Mentor campaign to increase quality mentoring for young people.
Scroll down for examples and our tips on filming and sharing.

Featured #Minute2Mentor Videos

MENTOR Colorado encourages you to consider the following when filming/posting your video:

  1. If filming on your phone, please film horizontally.
  2. Plan ahead and use props! Trust us, it’s way more interesting.
  3. Want to do it with a partner? Record your Zoom call!
  4. Ensure the lighting and sound quality are good enough to see and hear what is happening; be aware of your background
  5. Keep it around 60 – 90 seconds total
  6. Please say this before going into your #Minute2Mentor: “My name is [NAME]. Everyone has something to teach, and everyone has something to learn. Today my Minute2Mentor is about [TOPIC]. I challenge [NAME OF SOMEONE YOU CHALLENGE] to either donate $10 to MENTOR Colorado or share their own Minute2Mentor so I can learn from them.
  7. Post the donate link in your social media post –

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