May 27, 2021 – Fundraising Events in 2021

Video recording of Q&A with Jennifer Whitman of Saphier EventsLINK

Breakout Room Notes

Ideas / Things that Work!

  • Look to your CRM and other vendors – many of them are offering virtual event platforms as add-ons
  • Putting together a toolkit to give to others to spread the word on your event
    • Toolkit includes:
      • Social media graphics
      • Sample email
      • Sample text messages
      • PowerPoint or video explaining the event
  • Working on how to host a hybrid 5K
    • Virtual participants could screenshare their iwatch or garmin or strava
    • Everyone could sign up using the same activity tracking app (strava, garmin, mapmyrun, etc) and then share via social or via the app (this might be too complicated)
  • Sims Fayola is hosting a golf tournament (outside so people feel more comfortable)
    • Foursomes are typically people who are already working together and comfortable with one another
  • SOS Outreach held a ceremony for graduating seniors
    • Pre-recorded
    • Breakout rooms to connect young people with Board members
    • Sent pre-packaged box before the event
  • First virtual event in January – used a production company and help with online auction
    • Didn’t raise what they did in person but cost was half
    • Donors could order meal to be delivered
    • Leaning towards hybrid event in Jan 2022 but is rethinking after hearing Jennifer talk about how it’s like putting on two events (in person and virtual)

Information/Resources Still Needed:

  • Virtual event platform options
  • Looking for information on how to reach out to communities they have not accessed for fundraising
  • Can mentoring organizations work together to collectively negotiate and get better deals (i.e. credit card processing, t-shirt printing…resources we all have to use)?

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