July 9, 2020 – Liability & Risk Management During COVID-19

Resources Shared:

  • Girls Inc. – Online safety resources – LINK
  • Girls Inc. – Facilitating online – LINK
  • Buddy Program – American Camp Association Guide – LINK
  • MENTOR Colorado Free Consulting (Technical Assistance) – LINK

Guidelines for Allowing Matches to Meet in Person (thank you for sharing!):


  • Turned in “COVID plan” to the county health department for some good feedback.
  • American Camp Association guide which they found helpful for day camp this summer
  • COVID Policy added in to long term plan
  • Matches meeting in person
  • Pulling from county’s daycare protocols for guidelines and the little details
  • Zoom for virtual mentoring: using interns and staff leads to hop around breakout rooms; hands on remote learning (kits delivered to houses); keep the same breakout rooms so relationships can develop
  • COVID outbreak plans: immediately contact county health department; track attendance for contact tracing
  • With accidents, personal insurance first and then the county (Chaffee County)
  • Insurance agent advised on COVID clause for waiver – kept it very simple and researched clauses other programs were using (Buddy Program)


  • Long term virtual planning??
  • Waiting on direction from schools 
  • What to do when families ask them “what are we allowed to do”
  • Waivers – wanting examples of some
  • Do we need to add a COVID clause to our waivers?
  • Do we need to contact our insurance companies to update? What does that look like?
  • Best practices for Zoom with young people (see Girls Inc resources linked above)
  • Mentors driving with students; is it covered under the mentor’s policy or the mentor org’s policy if there is an accident?
  • Drew: Mentors are breaking protocols – how do we keep this from happening?

Erin having a yoga event for mentor and students tonight (Routt)

  • If in car together have to wear a mask and clean things before and after – trusting their doing that
  • Check temps of mentor and student
  • Sign-in with symptom checks – have separate pens for clean and used 
  • Yoga mats have been cleaned by instructor and we clean and have designated spots set up
  • Have to wear their mask when they are on mat
  • Will dismiss partners so that they are staggered
  • Water bottle and snacks – pre-wrapped, staff not touching
  • Not picking kids up on org van, can only have 5 kids in van
  • Not doing any indoor events, outdoor events up to 25
  • Have sanitizer there
  • Does student and mentor have to sign new waiver to participate in event? We decided yes
  • Anytime anyone engages, even in buildings’ they have to sign form; county does contact tracing
  • Should parents sign on a symptom form rather than student? Decided yes

Kristen (Chafee County)

  • Not doing group activities, can’t transport mentee
  • Permission slip rather than a waiver; no legal wording; mentor/mentee/guardian have to sign it; have to have it back before they meet
  • Feeling the pressure from mentors and parents that they can’t drive together and have to visit outside; feeling like a broken record to have those conversations

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