July 30, 2020 – Virtual Curriculum Delivery (SEL & More!)

Resources from the Call / Miranda Cook:

  • MENTOR Colorado Free Consulting (Technical Assistance) – LINK
  • Video recording of Q&A portion with Miranda Cook – LINK
  • Denver Afterschool Alliance (DAA) – Summer Program Toolkit – LINK (fall toolkit coming the first week of August)
  • SEAL digital lessons website – LINK
  • ZOOM tools practice – LINK
  • 11 GRIT-Virtual_ managing disappointment-strategies – LINK 
  • 12 GRIT-Virtual_ Managing Worry – LINK
  • 15 Goals virtual_ Future Self – LINK 
  • 15 Goals virtual_ Future Self outline – LINK
  • 16 Goals virtual_ Looking forward to next year – LINK
  • 16 Goals virtual-Glasses template – LINK
  • 17 Diversity_ Kids around the world – LINK
  • 18 Diversity_ I love my Neighbor – LINK

Breakout Room Notes:

Creative Ways You’ve Adapted Your Curriculum and Keep them Engaged

  • Zoom events Kahoot trivia, partnering with the different orgs that are doing that, Comic strip event 
  • Yoga outside together/ basketball etc. 
    • Trick contests (try and get a basket over your back) both do that. 
  • Pen pals – send out things and then they do them together
    • Bracelet in an envelope, provide envelopes and stamps
    • USPS has free boxes – just pay for labeling
    • “This is your week’s curriculum”
  • Engage kids in groups
  • Scavenger hunt type stuff- go through the alphabet- build on specific skills
  • Sent a group care package- random stuff- blank pieces of paper- balloons- bubbles- party size play dough
  • Integrate some of the group curric into that- what do you want to be in the future- have the kids sculpt out of play dough what that is- making it more interactive
  • Mindfulness and relaxation with the kids 
  • Letter writing, blank paper and stickers- self addressed envelope to say their goodbyes
  • Switching up zoom backgrounds
  • Going for a walk together with phones- doing things at the same time
  • Sending online flyers to business leaders in area for mentor recruitment . Pointing out if time and distance was an issue mentoring may be a better fit now for some as it is virtual
  • Create toolkits for mentors
  • Creating Facebook groups for both mentors and mentees
  • Weekly “virtual coffee” with mentors for support
  • Moving to Google Classroom. Each SEL category has a slide.
  • Teach 5 SELs. Prompt every day, had students create a Google slide journal around their COVID experience. This year will use FlipGrid. Show and Tell with something meaningful to them.
  • MakerSpace dropping materials off for kids for activities.
  • Scavenger hunts and show-and-tell with things that are important
  • 5, ,4, 3, 2, 1 Grounding activity as a session ritual
  • Making classes less lesson oriented. Hire one Senior as a mentor leader (assistant) allow them to run the questions. 
  • Sharing funny memes
  • Involving the community more- local businesses
  • Sent home care packages to mentees
    • meant to spark creativity, self exploration/personal development, and physical activity
  • Utilizing different forms of communication (chat box, things like menti.com)
  • Having a well known staff member pop in and monitor chat rooms
  • Being comfortable with a bit of silence, not being so hard on ourselves, as staff, if youth aren’t willing to participate in ways that we would like to see.
  • Online escapes, Stream (online gaming)
  • Outside speakers: How To’s
  • Align platform with what school is using (Google classroom)
  • Breathing activities
  • Wellness bags (art supplies: markers, paper, stickers, paint, fidgets, Walmart gift card
  • Invite kids and coaches to put together videos (soccer program); gives kids ideas on what they can do at home on their own
  • Branded swag as incentive
  • Post random things on social media – mindfulness minutes, cooking; variably successful; photography challenge
  • Flipgrid

Engaging/Supporting Older Mentors

  • Recorded “How To” videos for mentors who weren’t sure how to use zoom, google hangouts, etc.
  • Staff members were available to virtually train mentors

Ways To Get Them To Show Up

  • The mentors- having relationship with the kids- connecting with the parents and texting them- building good relationships between the parents and the mentors
  • Weekly update to family members- (not everyone had email- texting some folks those messages
  • Guidelines 
  • Welcome back newsletter
  • REPLY text program (like E-Z Text )
  • Use the opportunity for the mentee to “teach” the mentor about the technology. This can be a great bonding experience and help with the hesitancy some of the mentors feel about technology while empowering the mentee! 
  • Calling the family ahead of scheduled online meetings to assure the young person will be on the virtual call. Use as a reminder and a time to engage with the family.
  • Reset your expectations; be grateful for the few kids that are able, willing, and engaged.
  • Learn from each new experience and think of ways to improve
  • Create a safe space, with familiar people, so youth feel comfortable attending and engaging

Ideas to Take Back and Try From Q&A

  • The lesson plan resources shared will be really helpful.
  • Idea of having a consistent “welcoming ritual”
  • Idea of closing every session with a quote. 
  • Making a “prize list” as an incentive


  • Zoom fatigue
  • Engagement
  • Looking for new activities
  • Not having answers needed for fall 
  • Program that mainly works with college age mentors are moving towards working with others in the community (older), looking for ideas to combat that potential issues with technology
  • Technology access

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