February 18, 2021 – Fundraising in 2021

Resources from the Virtual Coffee:


Individual Giving:

  • Focusing on Gen Z
    • Motivated in different ways – found success in campaigns like rounding up payments at stores
  • Using Venmo to accept donations
  • Get funders involved in volunteering – how do we engage donors in what we’re doing that feels important to them?
  • Show donors the difference they made through video storytelling
  • Turning current and former volunteers into donors by first asking for in-kind and then asking for cash
  • Challenge: Brought in a bunch of new donors in 2020; how do we get them to give again?

Events (NOTE: MENTOR Colorado will host a Virtual Coffee about virtual/hybrid events this spring! Stay tuned)

  • Challenge – dealing with virtual event fatigue
  • Hybrid events in the future (both in person with access virtually)
    • Challenges with expense with doing both
      • In-kind sponsors to help broadcast: media companies, church services who broadcast, funeral services who have been doing virtual funerals

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