About us

Our Vision

Every young person in Colorado will have the supportive relationships they need to grow, connect and thrive.

Our Mission

To advance the quality and extend the reach of youth mentoring organizations in Colorado.

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Our Values

Relationships – At the heart of both mentoring and the work of supporting programs is being connected. We recognize the humanity in one another first, and endeavor to connect with staff, leadership, board members, youth, volunteers, funders, subject-matter experts, and thought-leaders to build relationships across the field.

Being of Service – We are driven by the tenets of servant leadership, and our work is in service of both young people and those who support them. We are guided by the motto: “nothing about them without them.”

Inclusivity and Equity – We believe that our services and our community are for all. We strive to include and welcome a broad array of ideas, expertise, people and organizations. Ensure that young people have the agency and self-determination to shape their own futures.

Authenticity – We know that mentoring and growth does not happen without people being real with each other. Subsequently, we work to create welcoming spaces where people and organizations can show up authentically.

Evolving – Mentoring often inspires life-long learning. We as individuals and as an organization are continuously evolving to be our best selves in service of the future of mentoring in Colorado.


MENTOR Colorado is the unifying champion for expanding quality youth mentoring relationships in Colorado. Founded by the passion and vision of a number of grassroots mentoring organizations in Colorado, Mentor Colorado leads initiatives that will strengthen communities through mentoring. MENTOR Colorado has served the mentoring field by providing a public voice; developing and delivering resources to mentoring programs nationwide; and promoting quality for mentoring through evidence-based standards, innovative research and essential tools. Together, we engage with the private, public and nonprofit sectors to ensure that all youth have the support they need through mentoring relationships to succeed at home, school and, ultimately, work.


Board of Directors

Al Troppmann

Bill Allshouse – Vistar

Bill Peffer – Sherman & Howard

Brian Breitenwischer – Jacoway Financial Corp.

Chad Olivier – LOM Consulting Services

Kevin Smith

Kris Webster – DAT

Lesley Martin

Lindsay Fisher – Print Pointe

Wayne McDonald – Denver South High School

Paul Nocco – KPMG

Sandy Mathias – Skratch Labs

Stuart Harrison – Ernst & Young LLP

Pastor Vernon Jones Jr. (PJones) – FaithBridge (Board Chair)

Vince Luparell – Sherman & Howard

Advisory Council

Audrey Reyes – Denver Kids Inc. 

Carlo Kriekels – YESS Institute

Dedrick Sims – Sims Fayola Foundation

Erin Miller – Partners in Routt County

Lindsay Lofaro – Buddy Program

Tina McGuinness – Gunnison Valley Mentors

Trudy Swain – Save Our Youth


Lindsey Cali

Executive Director

Lindsey Cali joined MENTOR Colorado in 2019 and is currently working as our Executive Director.

A former teacher, Lindsey is dedicated to education and ensuring that all young people have access to the support and resources necessary to succeed. Working with young people, specifically in communities that have been traditionally marginalized, has always been her passion and is what brought her to become a teacher. Lindsey is enthusiastic and committed to the mission of MENTOR Colorado of impacting young people on a large scale by working with mentoring programs to increase their capacity and quality.

Sarah Provino

NQMS Manager

Sarah Provino joined MENTOR Colorado in July of 2021 but has been a part of the organization since its inception, serving on the initial task force, Advisory Council and most recently as a TA provider and NQMS reviewer. Sarah is a strong advocate of the mentoring movement and is passionate about working alongside mentoring agencies to build capacity and expand the quality of mentoring across Colorado.

Sarah’s experience working in the nonprofit world spans over 15 years working together with youth, families, and community level prevention programming, with 10 years directly in the mentoring field. She values building relationships and brings a small community perspective to the organization.

Sarah has a wide range of understanding of mentor program design and implementation utilizing the Elements of Effective Practice. She is an enthusiastic, committed, and trusted leader and has utilized her professional experience to help mentoring organizations achieve a range of outcomes.

In her role, Sarah looks forward to working alongside mentoring organizations, providing support, as they engage in the National Quality Mentoring System.

Katie Nuñez

Operations Coordinator

Katie Nuñez joined MENTOR Colorado in October 2022 and is currently working as our Operations Coordinator.

Katie has a background in nonprofit work, having served as the Program Coordinator and Program Supervisor for Imagine! Colorado’s recreational therapy services. With a combination of direct service and administrative responsibilities, Katie created opportunities for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) to be involved in community events and activities. These programs helped individuals with IDD to increase their independence, social skills, and education through inclusion and group participation.

Since her time at Imagine! Colorado, Katie earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and enjoys spending her free time volunteering for the Denver Hospice. With passion and dedication for youth services and nonprofit work, Katie is looking forward to stepping into her role as a part of MENTOR Colorado’s wonderful team.

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